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Discover Your True Age with GlycanAge - The Ultimate Biological Age Test

Unlock the secret to a healthier, longer life with GlycanAge, the cutting-edge DNA test that reveals your real age alongside your biological age. As the premier biological age test on the market, GlycanAge provides an unparalleled insight into your body's current state of low-grade chronic inflammation and the impact of your lifestyle choices.

Why Choose GlycanAge?

Comprehensive Health Insights: Unlike traditional aging clocks, GlycanAge uniquely integrates genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors to offer a holistic view of your health. It measures the composition of the IgG glycome – the glycans attached to IgG – which change with age and influence inflammation.

Science-Backed Accuracy: Accelerated glycan aging has been linked to unhealthy lifestyles and various diseases. GlycanAge is not just a biomarker but also a functional effector of aging, providing scientifically validated results.

Responsive to Lifestyle Changes: Our studies show that positive lifestyle interventions can measurably reverse glycan aging. This makes GlycanAge the ideal tool for tracking the effectiveness of your health and longevity treatments.

Benefits of GlycanAge

  • Understand Your Aging Process: Get a detailed analysis of your biological age in comparison to your real age.
  • Monitor Chronic Inflammation: Identify and address low-grade chronic inflammation to improve overall health.
  • Track Lifestyle Impact: See how your diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices are affecting your aging process.
  • Personalized Health Plan: Use your GlycanAge results to create a tailored health and wellness plan.

How GlycanAge Works

  1. Simple Testing: Take the test with a simple at-home kit.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis: Our advanced technology analyzes the IgG glycome composition.
  3. Detailed Report: Receive a comprehensive report with actionable insights.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring: Track your progress and adjust your lifestyle interventions accordingly.

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