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Struggling to get quality sleep? Our certified Sleep Coach can help. We analyze your sleep patterns, lifestyle, and habits to develop a customized plan that works for you. Start your journey towards restful, rejuvenating sleep and wake up refreshed every day. 

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My struggle for quality sleep 

For over 7 years, insomnia was my nightly enemy. I know firsthand the desperation that comes from tossing and turning, night after endless night. Doctors, sleep clinic tests, a diagnosis that didn’t offer a solution – I’ve been through it all. The medications prescribed were not only addictive, but they offered a mere 1.5 hours of relief per night. That wasn't sleep; it was a mere glimpse of rest.

My journey towards healing and well-being began over 17 years ago. I was not just an insomniac; I was a chronic fatigue sufferer, drained and tired, yearning for a change. In my quest for better sleep and vitality, I embarked on an extensive path of research, trial and error, and profound personal transformation. 

 A different approach

 It was a different approach that became my salvation: a combination of Bio Energy Stimulation (B-E-St) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), complemented by high-purity, European-tested and certified supplements. This holistic, integrated strategy wasn't a quick fix—it was a complete lifestyle change, and it worked for me. Today, chronic fatigue, stress, and insomnia are chapters of my past. Get inspired and read more about the use of HBOT against insomnia here.

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 17 years of dedicated research, personal experience

While I don't possess a medical degree, I bring to the table something uniquely valuable: 17 years of dedicated research, personal experience, and an unwavering commitment to promoting sleep and well-being. My approach is rooted not in theory, but in lived experience and deep, comprehensive knowledge about healthy diet, lifestyle choices, and top-notch supplements.

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Seka Dobric
Wellbeing and Sleep Coach

Meet Seka Dobric, the radiant heart of Sedobi, and be taken on a journey of unprecedented resilience and transformation. A Belgian entrepreneur, writer, podcast host, and former Mrs Globe Belgium, Seka is not only a symbol of personal growth, but also a source of hope and inspiration for anyone who dreams of a healthier and more fulfilled life.

The early years: a struggle for survival
Seka's story unfolds as a journey of courage. She began her life in abject poverty and often experienced hunger as a child. Far from her war-torn homeland of Yugoslavia, she embraced Belgium, at the age of 21, as her new home. With positions ranging from airport manager at KLM to co-founder of the DL Group, Seka showed extraordinary resilience and determination. Her crown as Mrs Globe Belgium in 2008 was just one of many highlights. Yet behind these successes lay a deeper struggle, a battle against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which profoundly disrupted her daily life.

Facing chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
The diagnosis of CFS was a turning point. Seka faced an uncertain future. She had constant muscle pain, a persistent cough, shivering all over her body and sleeping 20 hours a day. The specialist said she would be in a wheelchair within six months. Doctors were unable to provide a solution, forcing her to find her own path to recovery. This was the beginning of her search for alternative medicine and holistic healthcare.

The turnaround: a holistic approach
Things were going well until Seka faced persistent increased stress and hormonal fluctuations, which left her unable to sleep and barely functioning. She was at her wit's end. Seka's encounter with totaltherapist Jacques Caluwé and his bioenergetic stimulation therapy brought a turnaround. The improvement in her sleep pattern and general well-being was impressive. After just two days, she was able to sleep for six hours at a stretch, without medication. This success marked an important moment in her journey to a healthier life. She continued to educate herself on the importance of eating healthy, drinking water, exercising and taking care of your body, inside and out.

Innovation in health: longevity and hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Driven by her own experiences, Seka explored the frontiers of longevity and reverse-aging, where she discovered the power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment, which diffuses oxygen under pressure through the body, offered significant health benefits not only to Seka, but also to her family, including her future professional footballer son. By breathing in oxygen under pressure, it spreads throughout your body and you recover much faster from any condition or injury.

The golden health triangle: a synergistic approach
Seka's philosophy and Sedobi's core approach to supporting a healthy and energetic life is based on a powerful combination of bioenergetic stimulation, oxygen therapy, and high-quality powdered supplements. The supplements' unique formulation promises not only more effective absorption, but also a transparent commitment to quality, with hundred percent pure ingredients that are European-tested and certified. They offer a powerful (and often cheaper) alternative to traditional capsules.

Coaching and personal development: your journey, our mission
With a rich background as a master coach, Seka offers unique (sleep) coaching and personal guidance. She motivates clients step by step at their own pace. Together, she aims to unravel knots and get to the core. Her multilingual skills, including English, Dutch, Danish, Polish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian, enable her to reach a wide audience and coach effectively.

Conclusion: a mission of transformation
Seka's mission with Sedobi is simple, clear and profound: to make the world a healthier and happier place, one client at a time. Her personal journey from surviving to thriving is living proof that, no matter the challenges, there is always a path to growth and happiness. At Sedobi, you will find more than just products and services; you will find a dedicated partner on your path to health and well-being.

Discover today how Seka and Sedobi can help you write your own story of transformation. Get inspired, grow, and thrive with us. Your journey to a brighter, healthier life begins here.

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