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Aging is inevitable, and it takes toll on your DNA.

Our advanced method is backed by science to combat the key underlying factors of essential aging processes: macromolecular dysfunction (such as DNA damage) and cellular senescence.


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At what age should we start taking anti-aging supplements?

As we all know, the amount of NAD+ decreases as our age increases and by the age of 40 it is only half of what it was when we were 20. We then often start complaining about so called typical ailments of forty year olds. By then it is certainly worthwhile to start supplementation with NAD+ precursors. 

Younger people can of course take anti-inflammatory supplements, such as quercetin, during infections. If you have problems maintaining normal blood sugar levels, you can take berberine. Berberine also supports the fight against excess weight. Many of our clients claim that resveratrol has been helpful against thrombosis and apigenin against cancer.


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One of the first noticeable effects of anti-aging supplements is a significant increase in the amount of energy.

Many of our customers report that after only 7-10 days of using NMN and resveratrol (which enhances the effect of NMN), they feel a significant increase in their energy. They walk faster, get up from the couch more easily, they perform daily work at home more easily and business work more efficiently. Their posture straightens up, rheumatic pains decrease and often even disappear and joints become more flexible. They find it easier to cope with life's daily challenges. 

In addition, they make faster decisions, find solutions and feel a better intellectual clarity.

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A number of our regular customers report that their stamina is significantly higher. This is true during training, at work, at home or in the garden. It suddenly appears that they no longer need to take breaks, but can perform the entire task at once.

For so-called middle-aged people, this is a big surprise. Such amount of stamina had last more than 10 years earlier. For many, a return to this makes a big impression.

During conversations with clients, we often hear the phrase: "In fact, I'm never tired. After taking NMN for a year, I don't remember what fatigue feels like. Only conversations with my peers remind me that fatigue is the norm among people my age". 

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Over time, also the appearance changes. Many people report that their skin becomes smoother and fresher and their nails and hair grow like crazy. At the same time, hair becomes shinier and gets more volume, and nails look healthier.

People who take fisetin report that the amount of grey hair is being reduced, and those who take berberine that they lose weight. Similar response comes from people taking pterostilbene.

We are delighted to hear stories of their acquaintances not recognizing them on the street, and of strangers not believing their age and asking to see ID with date of birth.

Of course, changes in internal organs cannot be assessed in this way, but is it not a logical assumption that the rejuvenating effect does not only apply to appearance?