Our practice has been proudly equipped with the B-E-St  (Bio Energy Stimulation) device. This advanced technology harnesses the power of bio-stimulation currents to rejuvenate and optimize your body's natural healing processes 


What is B-E-St Therapy?

B-E-St Therapy, or Bio-Energy-Stimulation, is an advanced treatment that utilizes microcurrent technology to promote the body’s natural healing process. This therapy stimulates the production of ATP, the energy source of our cells, resulting in accelerated recovery and pain relief. B-E-St is a non-invasive and safe approach for treating various conditions, from chronic pain to sports injuries.

A breakthrough in cellular health 

The advancement of Western scientific understanding of microcurrents (μA) and their benefits has been profound. This development is rooted in extensive research into the conduction of biological currents within cells. 

In 1978, Mitchell's groundbreaking work in this field was recognized with a Nobel Prize. Subsequent studies have deepened our understanding: in 1982, Cheng’s research revealed that stimulation with less than 500 micro-amps boosted ATP production by an astounding 500-800%, increased protein biosynthesis by 70%, and enhanced membrane transport by 40%. 

Nobel laureates Neher and Sackman further elucidated in 1991 how these microcurrents influence cell membrane behavior. The mechanism of ATP production was clarified by Boyer and Walker in 1997, underscoring the significant role of microcurrents in cellular function and health.

The benefits of B-E-St therapy 

B-E-St Therapy promotes faster healing, reduces inflammation, and provides effective pain relief. By increasing the body's own energy production, B-E-St helps to repair tissues and improve overall health.

We have more than 140 preprogrammed treatments:  

  • Faster recovery of muscle-, joint-, tendon-& ligament injuries.
  • Faster recovery after (sports) efforts.
  • Significant reduction of inflammation.
  • Increased mobility.
  • Improved local blood circulation.
  • Improved sleep quality.
  • Accelerated wound healing, cell- and bone regeneration.
  • Strengthening of the immune system by the production of lymphocytes.
  • Anti-stress & revitalizing.
  • Improvement of the energy level.
  • Applicable for neurological indications such as Parkinson.
  • Also applicable for degenerative indications such as arthrose, rheumatoïd arthritis and osteoporosis.

Technical specifications

  • Bio Feedback; results of the provided work are visible and posted in the form of a color graphic and numeric graphic.
  • Both applied with adhesive – as hand electrodes and conductive gloves.
  • Use of 4 channels at the same time.
  • Frequency range from 0.2 to 9999.9 Hz.
  • Automatic polarisation.

A session is completely painless. A slightly tingling feeling can be felt and there are no side effects.


By the use of this very low intensity current the ATP will increase with 500 to 800%, the protein synthesis increases with 70% and the membrane transport with 40%.

The right frequency 

Every muscle and indication has its own frequency which optimizes the communication between the cells and within the cells

The right points

These points come from more than 40 years experience in total therapy, osteopathy, manual therapy, acupuncture, etc.

The Solution for Acute Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain

B-E-St device is a powerhouse for the therapeutic treatment of tendon and muscle injuries, as well as acute and chronic pain management. Widely utilized in the professional sports world, this advanced system is trusted by numerous top-tier football clubs across the Netherlands and Belgium. At our practice, we are experts in addressing a wide range of acute sports injuries. With the B-E-St device, we offer a cutting-edge solution for effective injury treatment and recovery. 

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